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April is Plant Protein Month

Welcome Retailers
We were hoping you’d find your way to your home page for everything about Plant Proteins!


1st Annual Plant Protein Month Retail Display Contest

Register your store in the blue box to the right of this page.

Find the poster in Whole Foods Magazine February issue or request a poster when registering on the form to the right.

Display the Plant Protein Month Educational Poster for your customers to see in the month of April. ***You can increase your chances of WINNING by including products supporting Vitamin Angels in your display case!

Submit a photo of your display to win.

The contest has ended and we are picking winners!. Thank you all for entering.
Winners to be announced soon. Please check back again!

There will be 3 Winners totaling $2000 in prizes!

  • One $1,000 “Best Display” winner chosen by a panel of 3 independent judges
  • Two $500 randomly chosen winners (so just hang the poster, take a photo, and submit it to win!)

Tips for Winning $1,000 Grand Prize

While the two $500 runner-up winners will be chosen randomly, the $1,000 big winner will be chosen by three (3) independent judges including:
- Wholefoods Magazine
- Vitamin Angels
- and a professional Retail Merchandising Expert

Judging criteria will include:

1. Placement
- Easily visible by customers
- In area adjacent to products featuring plant proteins

2. Attention to Detail
- No visible tape
- Poster not crumpled

3. Bonus Points for Creativity

- Poster Creativity
Example: Personalizing the way the poster is hung or what is hung with it, helping draw attention to it.

- Product Creativity
Example: The variety or placement of SKUS featuring plant proteins.

- Photo Creativity
Example: Include your team member(s) or customer(s) in the photo that is uploaded for judging.

And now you know!

Plant Protein Month Sweepstakes
Visit the HOME PAGE and share your contact information. It’s that easy to be entered to win!

***Remember you can support Vitamin Angels by promoting brands that feature Plant Proteins. We will email you updates as a registered retailer and you can check back here for details.

Read & Watch Plant Protein FAQ Shareable Resources Meatless Mondays Brand Partners

It’s time to start the conversation.
Tell us who you are, below, and we’ll give you information, tools for sharing the information, and cool prizing to help make learning fun. Check out our contact page if you have an idea to share.


Join the fun

Display the Poster to Win $1,000

The contest has ended and we are picking winners!. Thank you all for entering.
Winners to be announced soon. Please check back again!

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